• Federal Offices

    Shelley Moore-Capito

    United States Senator

    Shelley Moore-Capito was the first Republican woman elected to Congress and the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from West Virginia. She is also the first Republican to win a full term in the Senate from West Virginia since 1942.


    U.S. Senate, 2015-present
    U.S. House of Representatives, 2001-2014
    West Virginia State House of Delegates, 1997-2001


    Carol Miller

    United States Congresswoman

    Carol Devine Miller served 12 years in the WV House of Delegates prior to being elected to Congress from the 3rd District in 2018.

  • State Senate

    Donna Boley

    President Pro Tempore
    Pleasants County - District 3

    Amy Grady

    Mason County - District 4

    Patricia Rucker

    Jefferson County - District 16

  • House of Delegates

    Kathie Hess-Crouse

    Putnam County - District 19

    Laura Kimble

    Harrison County - District 71

    Margitta Mazzocchi

    Logan County - District 31

    Erikka Storch

    Ohio County - District 4

    Amy Summers

    Majority Leader
    Taylor County - District 73

    Heather Tully

    Nicholas County - District 49